Arran – Matured in Jerusalem and bottled for and by the Israeli Whisky Society

Islands region – matured in Scotland for two years then in Jerusalem (in the basement of the American Colony Hotel) for another two years.  Total of 214 bottles, bottled for the Israeli Whisky Society.

I heard about this whisky a while back from my good friend Gal of Whisky Israel and followed it with great interest.  If I had more money at the time, I would have bought a bottle.

We’re looking at a single cask of whisky – first fill bourbon barrel (which basically means that it was used once to mature bourbon and then used to mature this whisky) – cask strength – a whopping 63.5% ABV… This is some high octane stuff!!

A sincere thanks goes out to Gal of Whisky Israel for the sample!

On the nose Like sniffing piranas – this stuff bites you in your nose.  Very spicy.

Wooden popsicle sticks.

Notes of pears & baked apple.

Uncooked bacon (in the distance).

Something metallic here too…

On the mouth Like drinking a fire ball (it is 63.5% ABV after all…).  Let’s add water.  Done.

Now, with water — Vanilla, heat, sugar, more heat, woody – very woody, more and more heat.

Finish Savory spices, a bit of orange zest and more oak.  Long.

In sum “Is it soup yet?” No, sadly it is not.  Way too young here.  Not much of a fan.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  At four years of age and with two of those years maturing in Israel, you’d think that the whisky would be ready.

With all of the woodiness in here I’d say it was over aged but there is so much youth/non-complexity that would lead me to believe that it wasn’t ready.  Like drinking a conundrum wrapped in a paradox.