Mood Malts & Seasonal Sauce

“Moods are for cattle and loveplay” – Gurney Halleck, Dune

So, one of the things I aim to do, to help stand out a bit amongst all of the other great Whisk(e)y blogs, is to try and equate/suggest different malts for different moods and/or seasons.

When it comes to seasons, I’m sure there are many people that would say something like, “yes, I prefer an Islay in the cold winter time” or, “Oh man, give me a wee bit of the Scapa 16yr and let me sit in the shade – it’s a blistery hot day today!”  Unless of course if you’re my good friend Gal who lives in Israel.  I don’t know how he does it but he enjoys the peatiest of malts all year round and Israel is one hot country!

The other thing I find, when choosing a whisk(e)y, is that mood can play a huge roll in what I drink.  On a hot summer day, give me Duvel Belgian beer, a Leffe, Coronoa with a slice of lime or (as I mentioned above) some Scapa – Something lighter & more refreshing.  And when it’s the dead of winter, sometimes I just want to take a chunk of peat, stick it in my mouth and light my face on fire – I need Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, etc…!!!

You’ll notice in the right hand side there are categories for different distillers (this will, of course grow as the blog grows).  In addition to that, you should see a category called “What Mood Are You In” and one called “Malt Drinking Season”.  Under these main categories there are sub-categories which define various moods and seasons.  I will categorize my malts in these Seasonal/Moody categories as well as in the distiller ones.

If you have any suggestions as to new mood categories or changes to seasons, please let me know you’re thoughts and I’ll add them.

Let it be known that, for obvious reasons, under the moods category, I will not be adding the “I’m Sad” or, “Kill Me Now” categories.


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