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Not only do I really-really dig tasting and discovering new whiskies, I enjoy reading about them and love to write down and share my own notes.  Granted, there are about 100 bazillion other whisky-blogs that have been doing this longer than me, still, I like to write, meet new people, talk whisk(e)y so…there, I started a blog (about 2.5 years ago).

So, why “Jewmalt”?  Well, the blog used to be called something else: Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society.  Legally, I’m not really supposed to use that blog name anymore (it’s a long story) so I decided to use my twitter name for the blog and URL.

Aaaaanyway, as with the old blog, you needn’t be Jewish to like or comment on the reviews. You just need dig whisk(e)y and I hope I can help!

What can you expect from the blog?:

While my main objective will be to do reviews, the idea will be to link these whisk(e)y reviews with different moods and/or seasons in which I find it would be best to drink/taste them.

I also conduct occasional interviews, video tastings, video interviews, etc… So, you can expect those from time to time.

Additionally, I’ve made it a personal goal to transfer my passion and enthusiasm for whisk(e)y to you.  I hope I can do just that.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and bookmarking my whisk(e)y blog!


Just in case you want to contact me, please email me here:

jewmalt@gmail.com (yeah, you’re going to have to do the whole cut and paste thing…)

I look forward to hearing from you and hope i can help in some manner.


@yossiytizak @jewmalt

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