Jewish Whisky Company’s Whisky Jewbilee 2012 event in NYC — it’s coming Thursday, October 25th!

Hosted by the Jewish Whisky Company and Single Cask Nation, the first annual charitable Whisky Jewbilee is fast approaching!!

For those unable to attend WhiskyFest NYC this year (due to it landing on Shabbat), this is your chance to taste some of Scotland, Ireland, and America’s finest whiskies.

Kosher catering by Ari White of Gemstone Catering, food under Star-K.

Click this link for more information and to buy tickets

This charitable whisky event engagement is limited to 250 attendees and is your chance to taste some fantastic whiskies (as shown below):

Distilleries and brands at the event, while not limited to, are listed below:

  • Arran
  • Balcones
  • BenRiach
  • Benromach
  • Catoctin Creek
  • Chieftain’s Range
  • Corsair
  • FEW Spirits
  • GlenDronach
  • Glenrothes
  • Gordon MacPhail
  • Highland Park
  • High West
  • Hirsch Selection
  • Hudson Real American Whiskeys
  • Kilchoman
  • Koval
  • Old Potrero
  • Single Cask Nation
  • Slieve Foy
  • Smokehead
  • Smooth Ambler
  • …plus more to be announced!!

The pouring list is still being developed, however, here is a preliminary list of whiskies:

10 years old
14 years old

Balcones True Blue Whisky
Balcones Single Malt
Balcones Brimstone Smoked Whisky

The BenRiach
10 years old
12 years old
16 years old
20 years old
Dark Rum Cask
PX Cask
**Alistair Walker is scheduled to be at the Whisky Jewbilee!

Catoctin Creek
Roundstone Rye
Mosby’s Spirit
Watershed Gin

Chieftain’s Range
Craigellachie 21 years old
Glen Keith 17 years old

Corsair Wry Moon Unaged Rye Whiskey
Corsair Triple Smoke

FEW Spirits
FEW Rye Whiskey
FEW Bourbon Whiskey
“Special cask selections”

12 years old
15 years old
18 years old
33 years old
**Alistair Walker is scheduled to be at the Whisky Jewbilee!

The Glenrothes
Select Reserve
Alba Reserve
1995 Vintage
1988 Vintage
Editors Cask
…maybe others
**Ronnie Cox is scheduled to be at the Whisky Jewbilee!

Gordon and MacPhail
Benromach 10 years old
Benromach 30 years old
Highland Park 24 years old
Old Pulteney 21 years old
Scapa 11 years old
Tormore 15 years old

Highland Park
Highland Park 12 years old
Highland Park 15 years old
Highland Park 18 years old
Highland Park 30 years old

High West
Double Rye
Rendezvous Rye
Son of Bourye
Campfire Whiskey
Silver Whiskey – Western Oat
American Prairie Reserve Bourbon
“Something special”

Hirsch and Slieve Foy
Hirsch Small Batch Reserve
Slieve Foy Irish 8 years old Single Malt

Hudson Real American Whiskeys
New York Corn Whiskey
Baby Bourbon
Four Grain Bourbon
Hudson Single Malt
Manhattan Rye Whiskey
Half Moon Orchard Gin

Jewish Whisky Company’s Single Cask Nation™
Arran 12 years old
Kilchoman 4 years old
BenRiach Heavily Peated 17 years old

Machir Bay
100% Islay (2nd Edition)

Koval Raksi Millet
Koval Midwest Wheat
Koval Rye Chicago
Lion’s Pride Rye
Lion’s Pride Dark Rye
Lion’s Pride Dark Millet
Lion’s Pride 47th Ward
Koval Rose Hip liqueur
Koval Chrysanthemum Honey liqueur
Koval Ginger liqueur
Koval Coffee liqueur
Koval Jasmin liqueur

Old Potrero
Old Potrero 18th Cetury Rye
Old Potrero Straight Rye


Smooth Ambler
Smooth Ambler Yearling
Smooth Ambler Bourbon
Smooth Ambler Rye
This is a charitable event with a portion of the evening’s proceeds being donated to charity.

Angel’s Envy Kentucky Bourbon – the OU Kosher certified version!

Kentucky Bourbon finished in OU Kosher certified Port casks from the Kedem Winery – $48

Well, after what was a fine celebration of Rosh Hashanah 5773 (for you gentle Gentile readers out there, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year and according to how the rabbis count the years, it’s year 5773), I decided to take a look at what I should review and I personally thought that the OU (Orthodox Union) certified version of Angel’s Envy would be a good candidate.  Truthfully, I reviewed this a a short time ago but am just now posting my thoughts to you, the whisk(e)y hungry public.

As I write this, I decided to revisit this whiskey and am so happy that i did!  It truly is a fine one and one that is quite different from what you might come to know as a bourbon. The port cask finishing makes for such a difference!

This version of Angel’s Envy is different from the Angel’s Evny I previously reviewed, the initial launch of the product.  What’s different?  Well, the good folks from Angel’s Envy decided to use OU certified port casks to finish this version.  Also, being that this whiskey is from different stock/different casks, one should expect it to taste a slightly different anyway.

Let’s have a taste, shall we?

On the nose — Intensely sweet.  It actually almost noses like some 1st fill/fresh bourbon casks of single malt Scotch whiskies I’ve had (thinking Arran or Aberlour here – both distilleries seems to use some very active casks, at least in my experience).

Loads of butterscotch combined with a rock candy sweetness.

Sweet pepper relish.

Some wood spice and pencil shavings as well as unsalted corn nuts (this was a difficult one to pull out based on the sweetness of this whisky).

This is whacky, just whacky whiskey.  (Whacky good, that is!)

On the mouth — Much softer and shy than expected (given the somewhat aggressive and flamboyant qualities on the nose).

Still quite sweet with a focus on creamed corn topped with Rainier cherries.

Now some of the more bourbon-standard notes kick in. (nutmeg, vanilla, pencil shavings, etc…).

A soft cereal influence here, too.  All the flavors are playing quite nicely together.

Finish — A medium butterscotched finish.

In sum —  The nose showed amazing promise mainly as, for a bourbon, it revealed true character and individuality in the bourbon category.

While still interesting and highly enjoyable to taste, I wonder if a slightly higher ABV would have given it the kick I was expecting/hoping for; it ended up being a bit more shy and soft than expected.

While I do prefer the initial launch of Angel’s Envy, I enjoyed this greatly and find it just amazing that a bourbon bottler that cares enough to pay attention to the kosher keepers out there that they made a special bottling just for them.  Kudos and thank you!!

Special thanks to WH for the ample sample!

A single sherry cask, cask strength 5yo Kilchoman bottled exclusively for Royal Mile Whiskies.


Islay region – 59.6%ABV – £70 (available only through Royal Mile Whiskies)

Total spoiler alert here, dear reader.  I fell head over heels for this whisky I’m about to share my notes on.

This is easily one of the best Kilchoman single casks I’ve tasted to date.  The only one I enjoyed more is one yet to be released (details on that to follow, no teasers though as the focus NEEDS to be on this lovely wolf among whiskies).

At only five years old, this sherried Kilchoman covers all the bases for the true lover of peaty whiskies: Peaty, sweet, balanced, powerful, invigorating, lovely.

I can’t stand it any longer, I need to share my notes:

On the nose — Very sweet and with a good deal of soft peat.

Don’t let the word “soft” scare you away, dear Peat Head.  It’s massively peaty but has a soft approach.  Better put, at 59.6% ABV, it noses like a much lower ABV peat monster.

The sweet Kilchoman character of the spirit shines through and mixes well with the sherry cask.  Not as medicinal as the Kilchoman Sherry Cask however that canvas sneaker element is here.

Burnt apricots and black pepper.

Star anise (subtle and well integrated with the peat smoke).

Chocolate covered espresso beans.  Yum!

On the mouth — Oily and peaty.  There is a great mix of sweet and medicinal happening here.  This is a peat monster and the sherry influence is lovely here.

Briny, raisiny, sea-influenced goodness.

Untamed and making me wish I bought a second bottle.

Molasses cookies, minus the cookie.

Black licorice goodness.

Finish — Medium length and slightly effervescent.

In sum —  A single cask of Kilchoman that shows just how good a fully sherried Kilchoman can be.  Yummy from beginning to end.  One for the cold winter for sure.  But, heck, the colder wether is coming…  This would be fine on a cool night by a bonfire.

A great, great single cask of whisky!

WhiskyLive comes to Boston on September 22, 2012 and I’ve got a 20% discount code for you!


Most discount codes to WhiskyLive are around 10%.  It’s true.  I don’t think I’ve ever been able to offer more than that.

So, how was I able to squeeze out a 20% discount code for Boston.  If I told you, I’d have to kill you and I don’t want to kill you because I *really, really* like you!!  Let’s just say I know a guy…

September 22nd, 2012 is WhiskyLive’s first entry into the Boston market.  I can tell you, Boston needs a whisky show and it’s nice that WhiskyLive is able to fill this big void.

I am looking forward to attending this great show and hope to see some of you there.

Here’s my mug (in case you want to stop me to say “Hi!”):
“So, how do I get this discount?” you ask.  Easy.  When ordering your ticket on the WhiskyLive website, just be sure to use the discount/voucher code of “jewmalt” (case sensitive, BTW).

Here are your ticket options:

VIP Entrance Ticket – $139 (5PM to 10PM)

Entrance to Whisky Live Boston plus Whisky Live Glencairn tasting glass, show guide, full buffet, 14 vouchers and access to the show from 5:00pm. Ticket also includes a 1 year subscription to Whisky Magazine.

Standard Ticket – $109 (6:30PM TO 10PM)

Entrance to Whisky Live Boston plus Whisky Live Glencairn tasting glass, show guide, full buffet, 8 vouchers and access to the show from 6:30pm.

Designated driver tickets available for VIP $105, Evening $85

Entrance to Whisky Live Boston plus Whisky Live show guide, full buffet. Souvenir Whisky Live Glencairn tasting glass to be given when leaving the event.

Details on Masterclasses


7:00pm – MC2 – CLASSIC MALTS

Diageo Single Malts: Oban, Talisker, Lagavulin
Hosted by Gregor Cattanach


Why such a BIG deal about small barrels?
Why such a BIG deal about small barrels? Is BIGGER better? Isn’t better subjective? Spend some time with Tuthilltown’s former Head Distiller and current Hudson Whiskey Ambassador, Gable Erenzo, to explore the benefits and pitfalls, the do’s and dont’s of small barrel maturation. SCIENTIFIC FINDINGs will be presented and free flow conversation welcomed.

8:15pm – MC4 – THE GLENLIVET

The Glenlivet
Craig Bridger will lead guests through a sampling journey that covers the core range of The Glenlivet, The Single Malt that Started it All. Participants will be educated on the brand’s unique history while going through an aroma exercise to help simplify the main flavor components of single malt.

A single cask of BenRiach chosen by the fine chaps at, bottled by BenRiach and sold exclusively through Master of Malt

Speyside region – 55.2%ABV –£55 | $87

Apologies for the mouthful-of-a-post-title!  Some fine details there though.

A sample of this whisky came to me out of the blue.  It was a nice little surprise that showed up on my door step and I have to thank the folks at Master of Malt for it.  So, thanks guys and gals!

A long time fan of BenRiach, I am honestly not a big fan of BenRiach from PX (Pedro Ximenez) casks.  (I like my BenRiach like I like my Torah, eye-opening, sweet and fulfilling.)

The truth of the matter , however, is that I find difficulty connecting with PX matured whiskies in general.  The PX casks can be so very dominating to the overall flavor profile that the spirit character is often lost (making the whiskies often very one-dimensional).  To be sure, there are exceptions to this broad generalization I just made.

Let’s see what the cask did to this 16yo BenRiach…

On the nose What gets me from the go on this one is an unusual scent of pine needles.

Very fruity (dark fruits, dense scents) with some subtle peat (or so it seems).

Then a meatiness kicks in that is reminiscent of barbecutie beef ribs.

Fruit cocktail with bursts of cherry (skins and stones) ride the meatiness, just along the top.

Sugared malt.

On the mouth Big ‘ol mouth feel.  Loads of berries!  Loads and loads of berries (heavy on Rainier cherries).

There’s something a bit dusty in here; old attics.

Zero meatiness on flavor (thankfully).

Very dense fruits and fresh tobacco/spicy unlit cigars.  Just a touch spicy.

Finish Birch root/dark birch beer.  Long and spicy.

In sum  All-in-all, pretty damned yummy!  The natural fruitiness of the BenRiach spirit shone through the thick PX influence.  No issues with uni-dimensionality.  If you like your whiskies big and powerful, you’ll find this one to be up your alley (and surprised by some of the fine fruits in it).

You might find Jason’s (of fame) review of this whisky interesting as well…