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Longrow 10yr 100 proof

Campbeltown region – 57% ABV – $90 | £41 | €49

Starting tomorrow I will begin a kosher whisky series (in celebration of the Jewish new year).  Before that series started, I wanted to end this year with one of the better Campbeltown malts out today – Longrow 10yr 100 proof.

Longrow, for those who do not know, is Campbeltown’s heavily peated whisky.  If you’ve not yet tried a whisky from Campbeltown, that needs to change, STAT.  Maybe this can be your first.

On the nose — I initially purchased this whisky because of Dr. Whisky’s notes on it and I have to say that, with regards to the nose on this one, I agree with him — Salt n’ peppa, limes and Thai food (specifically Ming Com – good Thai places will have this dish but most, likely will not have it on their menu).


Salted grapefruits.

Fantastic peat smoke backbone that many may miss.

On the mouth — Vanilla bean ice cream.

Saltier than most Campbeltown malts I’ve had – wow (I can almost feel the salt crystals growing on my teeth – an obvious exaggeration but, damn, this is salty stuff)!

Orange creamsicle minus the orange.

Thick-ooey-and-chewy whisky goodness.

Earthy smokey notes.

Finish — Looonnnggg, this whisky has staying power (the Dirk Diggler of  Scotch whisky).

In sum — Fun and bright.  A great summery aperitif whisky that is unlike most whiskies out there.  If you want something that’s not the hum-drum, seek this out.  This is also one of those great “hey, check this one out” type whisky like, perhaps, the Master of Malt 26yr Bowmore.  Not due to flavor, due to uniqueness.