Kornog Peated French Whisky bottled at 46%ABV – “Taouarc’h Pevared” Sauternes Cask


french_kor3Brittany region of France – 46% ABV – £62.50

Kornog whisky is French distillery Glann ar Mor’s peated offering.  Glann ar Mor produces whisky much the same way the Scots do with copper pot stills and malted barley, water and yeast.  They matured their whisky in either Ex-Bourbon barrels of Ex-Sauternes barriques (both first fill).

Sadly you can not find this whisky in America just yet.

I wish I had more time to discuss this distillery but I am currently short on time today so I need to go right to the tasting notes (please forgive my out-of-time-ness and laziness!!):

Glann-Ar-Mor-1On the nose –  Quite and odd and interesting start to this whisky.  The peat components start off reminding me of Connemara-style peat (somewhat “artificial” in character with hints of soy sauce).

Coming back to this and the peat softens and becomes more wood-like: tree bark deep in the woods on a spring day with just a dash of cinnamon.

Glann-Ar-Mor-2French onion soup – am I’m not saying this because this is a French whisky – the beef broth and onion notes are somewhat pronounced.  Over cooked date compote.

6 months ago when I bought the bottle I didn’t dig this.  Right now, I am enjoying it *greatly*.  Let’s see how the flavors go.

Glann-Ar-Mor-3On the mouth – Much sweeter than the nose led on.  Barley syrup, malted barley and some buckwheat honey.

Somewhat thin mouthfeel but the flavors are there.

Carob beans and fresh spring earth.  This is peaty but not smoky at all.

Glann-Ar-Mor-4Oh!  Little Debbie Nutty Bars!  All of these flavors hit you somewhat quickly then the drying quality kicks in.

Finish – Quite dry with cinnamon and medium length.

In sum – A curious whisky that is worth your time and consideration.  I have about ¾ of a bottle left to try and will continue to evaluate it.  The good thing is that it is enjoyable and urges to you drink a bit more deeply.  I’m a sucker for Sauternes cask maturation, hence my purchase of this whisky.  I will explore the brand further to see what their whisky is like in ex-bourbon and, cask strength.  Keep your eye on this distillery.  I think they are starting to tell a very interesting story…

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More posts to come, promise!!


So I’ve been off gallivanting for a week in Scotland with guidscotchdrink.com‘s Jason JY, visiting this distillery and that one (and that one, too); learning a lot and collecting sample after sample after sample for the next set of releases for Single Cask Nation.

Now comes the time where we cycle through the samples!  As you can imagine, I’m a busy, busy boy!

So, you can see why I’ve not posted in a week of so. (Too much gallivanting, too much Scotland-ing, too much having of the good times.  Oh, and all the aforementioned stuff is what I do in my spare time.  Let’s not forget that first and foremost I am a husband and father then also a sales & marketing guy!!  Necessity dictates that whisky blogging must take the back seat sometimes.)

I promise to get back to it very soon!

Until then, enjoy this video: