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Abbey Whisky’s own bottling of Caperdonich. A 17yo Good Morning single cask of whisky.


abbey-whisky-caperdonich-17-year-old-the-rare-casks-250Speyside region – 57.8% ABV – £59.50 – Bottled by Abbey Whisky and only 96 bottles!

Another one of those surprise samples that came across my desk, we have this here Caperdonich bottled by Abbey Whisky.

For a long time, it seemed that Abbey Whisky was *THE* online shop to go to for hard-to-find, rare and ultra-premium bottles of whisky.  I think they are still that source but Abbey has seemed to expand their offerings to include more off-the-shelf bottlings.

Expanding their presence even further Abbey has begun bottling their own whiskies.  This 17yo single cask of Caperdonich is one of those.

Abbey whisky is well worth your time and perusal.  What’s more is you’ll find their customer service to be among the best around.

Special thanks to MS from Abbey for the official sample.

With all of the Caperdonichs I’ve had, I can’t believe this is the first official review I’ve done of one of their whiskies…

On the nose — Upon initial sniffing, this seems like a hot lil’ bugger.  Stinging in the nostrils and quite peppery.

Give it a few minutes and things become a bit different.

abbey-whisky-caperdonich-17-year-old-the-rare-casks-2Loads of dried pineapples and green apple.

Maybe just a touch of cardboard and cigarette ash (minus any hint of smoke, if’n that makes sense to you.  It does to me so, there.).

abbey-whisky-caperdonich-17-year-old-the-rare-casks-3Seasoned oak and orange pekoe infused honey.

abbey-whisky-caperdonich-17-year-old-the-rare-casks-4On the mouth — Big ol’ m*ther f*cking pepper fight in the mouth.  Explosions of peppery and spiced oak, vanilla and unripened citrus fruits.

Give this some time (as with the nose) and you’re rewarded.

There are flavors behind the heat and the heat does, in fact, dissipate.

abbey-whisky-caperdonich-17-year-old-the-rare-casks-5The whisky gets creamy and I am reminded of vanilla bean ice cream.

Wood spiced vanilla and honey (and again, just a touch of ash without the smoke).

Finish — Lasting spice and vanilla, and I mean LASTING.

In sum — Take heed the words of the very smart Chinese Sage, Confucius.  Patience, good friends is a virtue.  Sure I could have used some water but I held off when I found the amazing evolution on the nose.  I wanted to let this one ride out in its most natural form, without the addition of water.  This is, without a doubt a Sunday morning dram.  Sit down with the newspaper (remember those?), get disgusted with the news, say “F” it all and just enjoy some fine whisky and a true pick-me-up.