More posts to come, promise!!


So I’ve been off gallivanting for a week in Scotland with‘s Jason JY, visiting this distillery and that one (and that one, too); learning a lot and collecting sample after sample after sample for the next set of releases for Single Cask Nation.

Now comes the time where we cycle through the samples!  As you can imagine, I’m a busy, busy boy!

So, you can see why I’ve not posted in a week of so. (Too much gallivanting, too much Scotland-ing, too much having of the good times.  Oh, and all the aforementioned stuff is what I do in my spare time.  Let’s not forget that first and foremost I am a husband and father then also a sales & marketing guy!!  Necessity dictates that whisky blogging must take the back seat sometimes.)

I promise to get back to it very soon!

Until then, enjoy this video: