Live in or near NYC? Come meet John MacLellan of Kilchoman and taste some of his fine whiskies!

If you live in or near NYC, you may want to take some time of your busy evening one day next week to meet with John MacLellan of Kilchoman.  He is going to be sharing some of his finest Islay, peated whiskies.

Here is the current schedule:


Venue: Ward  III

Time:  8:00pm-9:30pm

Address:  111 Reade Street New York, NY

Phone: (212) 240-9194

(I plan to be at this event)



Venue: Village Wine & Spirits

Time: 7:00pm

Address:  45 Harts Village Road, Millbrook NY

Phone: (845) 677-3311



Venue:  John Allan’s Mens Salon Tribeca

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Address:  418 Washington Street (between Vestry and Laight) NY, NY

Phone:  (212) 334-5358



Venue: Vintry Wine & Whiskey

Time:  6:00pm – 8:00pm

Address:  57 Stone Street, NY, NY

Phone:  (212) 480-9800

You can read my reviews of Kilchoman’s whiskies here.  Some fine Islay whisky!!!

Strathisla 1957 (bottled in 2007), Gordon and MacPhail 43%ABV

Speyside region – 43%ABV – £194

Now ain’t this something here?!  My first 50yo reviewed on the blog…  Big thanks goes out to Red for the sample swap.  A few CL of my precious Glenmorangie Margaux Cask for some of his 1957 Strathisla – seemed fair enough.

Not only is this my first reviewed 50yo whisky (though I have had other 50+yo whiskies before), this is my first Strathisla.  Some of these Strathislas are legendary (or so they say).  I’ve had a few friends that could say nothing more than that they could not fully understand what what going on in their mouth as they sipped it – just odd, great stuff.  Hearing this, I could not wait to taste some.

I’m going to move straight into the tasting notes but, as a bit of a spoiler alert, I loved this stuff!!

On the nose — It’s all about crazy right here.  What stops me in my path is a strong sense of dill weed and chives.  I’ve gotten that note one other time in Master of Malt’s 50yo release…  Wacky.

There’s a sharp, bright and lemony quality here as well.  So far, it doesn’t seem like a crotchety old whisky.

Oak influence is here, no doubt but either it (so far) is not over oaked or the addition of water to bring this whisky to its bottled strength of 43% helped to subdue the uber-dryness that is often associated with old whiskies.

A new (now old) box of M.U.S.C.L.E. men figure type plastic-y notes.

Pouring water over stones in a Swedish sauna with a hint or two of smoke in the background.

On the mouth — Lovely high sweetness here (astro-pops, wax lips… tons of penny store candies).

Quite herbal as well (tough to place all of the various herb type notes but, wow.  really nice).

A fantastic mouthfeel – oily yet a bit fizzy-feeling on the sides of the tongue.  Incredibly fresh.

Part of me doesn’t even want to dissect – I just want to enjoy.  But for you, dear reader, I shall forge on!

Fresh fruit platter with sprigs of parsley thrown about it.

Great notes of light red wines, plum wines and fine armagnac (with just a touch of a petrol quality to it.  A quality I often fine in armagnacs).

Finish — Fruity and a tad salty (just a tad), slight smoke, bright and long!

In sum —  Can not consider myself lucky enough to have tasted a whisky such as this.  The quality is amazing – a delicious and well balanced whisky through and through!  If you can get a bottle, I suggest you enjoy and share and do what these guys suggest:

Serge Valentin of WhiskyFun seemed to love this one too.

The 19th Annual Single Malt and Scotch Whisky Extravaganza is right around the corner!!

“Ladies and Gentlemen are cordially invited to enjoy a connoisseur’s evening featuring rare & exceptional single malt, Scotch and unique whiskies from around the world. The evening includes a delicious dinner buffet as well as a selection of premium imported cigars for our guests’ later enjoyment. The Single Malt & Scotch Whisky Extravaganza brings the discerning enthusiast the opportunity to sample the participating whiskies in a sophisticated and elegant environment with genuine camaraderie and knowledgeable representatives from each participating distillery.

All events from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Registration begins at 7:00pm. Business casual, Jackets preferred. No denim or athletic attire.

Special rates for groups of 8 or more (contact the SMWSA directly for these rates: 800.990.1991)”


As you may or may not know, I am a proud, card carrying member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (of America).

(To see my reviews of the fine whiskies they release in their out-turns, click here.)

And in case you’re not aware, the SMWSA does a series of tasting events called “The Single Malt & Scotch Whisky Extravaganza“. The “Extravaganza” is now in it’s 19th year. If you’ve never been to one of their events, you may want to change that, and soon!

Perhaps I can help again. I’ve been working with the good folks at the society and they were kind enough to once again extend to me a discount code for my readers; specifically for people who are not members of the SMWSA. Tickets to one of their Extravaganzas, for members, are $135.00ea, non-members are $150.00ea.

If you use the discount code JMS2012, those of you that are currently not members can purchase your first two tickets at the member price of $135.00. Not bad!

For more information on the SMWS events and on how to purchase your tickets, click here.

Again, please put JMS2012 in the promotional code box to receive the members’ price for you ticket(s) or mention the code on the phone should you decide to call.
See below for a full listing of their Spring events schedule.  I always jump at a chance to meet my readers so, if you happen to have the chance to make it to the event in NYC in May, look me up!