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Bruichladdich 1994 (12yr) Kosher Wine Cask

Islay region – 46%ABV –  750ml bottle – $46 | £35 | €?? (Have not seen this in Euro currency)

So, the folks over at ‘Laddie came out with some bottles which were finished in a kosher wine cask from Mt. Carmel. Rumor has it (an unconfirmed rumor, mind you), this expression was initially distributed in the general New York City area which is 20% Jewish – you gotta love target marketing! I have some friends that keep kosher so I figured, before I suggest a new “finished” dram to my kosher keeping buddies who would normally not touch a dram which has been finished in a non-kosher cask, that I’d give it a go.  I was able to sample this one before announcing to the Jewish world all of the glories of the ‘laddich kosher cask so, let’s begin…

I’m glad I tried first because they never would have forgiven me had I suggested this one.  Many people will say that there is no such thing as bad whisky and I, for one, would agreed.  I would argue, however, that this should not be termed a good whisky; not in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, the folks at Bruichladdich have bottled some absolutely amazing stuff just, not this time.

Initial whiff Lots of spirit here and a dryness hits you right away. Some faint smoke and maybe the smell of daisies – kind of flowery.  Where’s the ‘laddie fruitiness??

On the mouth This sort of reminds of day old salad or veggies that are starting to go bad. Slight smoke again and a little salty. Still a lot of spirit in this too.

Finish As dry as a (insert your own dirty comment here) on a slow saturday night. The nice thing here though is that you can tell that the dryness is a winey dryness so, they it nailed here. So, that’s good…

In sum Sorry folks, this is my first bad review and actually, the first ‘laddie that I haven’t loved.  I would not suggest this one for any mood or season.