Macallan 19yr Single Cask – Bottled for the SMWSA – Cask number 24.110

Speyside region  – 750ml bottle – Go here to join the society & gain access to their bottles

This particular expression of Macallan came as part of a 4 pack “welcome to the club kid!” package from the good folks at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America.  This package also included 100ml bottles of the following: Linkwood, Highland Park (soon to be reviewed) and a Bowmore (soon to be reviewed).

This welcome pack also included a very cool SMWS lapel pin that one of my daughters promptly lost on me.  I’ll have to buy a new one.  Oh well, the joys of fatherhood!

Let move right onto the tasting shall we?

On the nose Big fat sherry nose with a side of minty mojito.

Sharp vinegar notes.

Spiced pulled pork from back when I…

A) was not a vegetarian and…

B) did not keep kosher.

Then, on to fruit cakes and fig newtons.

Orange and gasoline.

Ah now, with water this sherry bomb comes to life with raisins and dates.

Some marzipan rears it’s head.

On the mouth Soft chocolate notes from the get-go.

Sweet and salty with some underlying notes of over-steeped orange pekoe tea.

Not a chewy mouth feel but pleasant.

With water this dram turns into a piece of whisky bubblegum – it’s THAT chewy!

The flavors do not change however, they just round out and get very soft.

Finish Lots of tobacco and chocolate bubble up and my mouth is left with a fizzy numbed feeling.

In sum The SMWS Macallan 24.111, in my opinion, was better – This was a nice sherried whisky but not one that wowed me in any big way.  Very grapy/winey/fat sherry for me and, it’s just not what I seek out in a whisky.

This being said, I think fans of a sherry bomb would go ape-shite for this expression.