Amrut Kadhambam


India – 50%ABV – $80

I actually do not know a lot about this whisky.  I know that it was matured in three different types of wood:

  • Oloroso Sherry Casks
  • Indian Brandy Casks
  • Rum Casks

That’s about where my knowledge ends and, to be honest, I didn’t want to know much more.  I wanted to the whisky to speak for itself a bit.

Wait, I do know one more thing – this was bottled at 50% ABV which is such an odd ABV… it’s so exact that I want to say that it was reduced to 50%.  Especially given some of their cask strength whiskies have been at 60%ABV+

This is quite a limited release – I only found two stores that still have some (note the link above, or click on the picture of the bottle, for the lowest cost source).

Special thanks goes out to Raj and Purple Valley Imports for the sample!

On the nose  Peppery, yet sweet.

There’s something that is very “Amrut” about this Amrut.  My point is that the style and character of the spirit is unique unto itself.

Quite fruity – a mix of apples and persimmon come to mind.

There’s a deeper sweetness in here as well – some of the rum cask influence, mayhaps?

On the mouth A good and oily mouthfeel and very peppery toward the back of the mouth.

Light in flavor in the front of the mouth yet it seems as if this might be a peated whisky (I am reminded of Amrut’s peated offering).

An odd and interesting experience here… the flavors are massive toward the back of the mouth (Jack fruit and green peppercorns) but it’s so light in flavor in the front of the mouth.

I’ll need another sip here.

A good amount of spice and wood in the front of the mouth including floral teas.

Finish Quite a long and spicy finish.

In sum An enjoyable experience and perhaps that is the best way to explain this whisky – it’s an experience; one that requires the drinker to have time to his or herself and a friend or two to share and discuss.  Lovely, lovely stuff.