An interview with David Perkins, the man behind High West Whiskey – part I of II


Video interview with David Perkins of High West Part I of II: wherein David tells us about how he started High West and proceeds to take us through his new whiskey “Campfire.” (Campfire, if you’re not familiar, is a blend of bourbon, rye whiskey and peated Scotch whisky – cool stuff)

Over the past few years of running this blog I’ve had the opportunity to meet a whole host of wonderful people.  Whisky geeks and enthusiasts, brand ambassadors, malt masters, master distillers and master blenders.  The list can go on and on and it actually does and will continue to grow, I’m sure.

I met David Perkins, of High West fame, for the first time back in 2010 at WhiskyLive NYC.  High West was one of the tables I knew I had to get to and David Perkins was one of the people I knew I had to meet.  I’ve been a fan of High West for some time before coming to the show and people have told me that David was just a cool, cool guy.

We hit it off right from the get go.  David is a charming dude – smart and funny (not to mention a whiskey blending madman/mastermind).

Fast forward to 2012…  I asked David if he might be interested in being video-interviewed for the blog and he jumped at the chance (thanks again, David!).  So what you’ll see below is a recorded Skype video with David in the big portion of the screen and me in the lower left hand side of the video asking questions.

Rather than me go on and on about how cool David Perkins is, why don’t I let the videos speak for themselves:

Video Part I of IV (with a total of two out of the four videos being posted today):

And now, part II of IV (the second two will be posted tomorrow):

I hope you enjoyed the first installment in this interview.  Please be sure to check in tomorrow for the balance of the interview!