Bowmore 11yr Single Cask – Bottled for the SMWSA – Cask number 3.156

Islay region – 700ML – 750ml bottle – Go here to join the society & gain access to their bottles

I am really enjoying these single cask Bowmores!  First I had the Master of Malt 26yr Bowmore, then the 3.154 SMWS Bowmore and now this.  The Bowmore really seems to shine as a single cask.  Then again, it could just be that there are groups of really smart people choosing exceptional casks.  My guess is that it’s a combination of the former and the latter.

Either way, Joshua is a happy boy.  This expression follows in the shoes of the other Single Cask Bowmores I’ve tried in the sense that it is delicious.  Notes:

On the nose Flowery & sweet.

Reminds me slightly of the candy sweetness of the Master of Malt Bowmore 26yr Single Cask.

Hopscotch on hot asphalt, August 1977.

The smoke is there for sure.

A sweet smoldering fire (like a Swisher Sweet cigar has just been put out).

Lemon lollypops.

Surgical soap (I feel like I’m about to get another tattoo).

On the mouth Perfect mouth feel.

Not super chewy, not thin at all, just lip-smacking.

Much smokier than the nose had suggested.

Like burning flowers.

Think mums and daisy (sweet and earthy).

Finish Increasingly floral.

And now an herbal blast of chamomile and jasmine (Hard to think that there could be a “blast” of something as soft as chamomile or jasmine but, the notes did come on strong for me).

Mouth is slightly numb.

I’m ready for some dental work.

In sum Truly lovely.  The balance between the sweetness, florality (did I make up a word here?  I think I did.  Where are you Oxford English Dictionary people??) and smoke is scrumditiliumptuous and perfect.  A great summery smoker of a dram.