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A productive next few days for whisk(e)y reviews!

One of the many beautiful things about twitter is that it’s connected me to so many whisky lovers & bloggers; people that I would never had met otherwise.  I’ve made friendships with good deal of these people, talked on the phone with a few of them and I’m sure that we’ll meet one day in person.  Perhaps all of us whisk(e)y bloggers out there should work on getting a blogging conference together? Anybody?  Bueller?  Bueller?

An added benefit in creating these relationships such as the ones mentioned above is that we can get together and share samples of our favorite whiskies.  I may have an Ardbeg that “so-and-so” wants and s/he’ll trade me 5cl of what they have and everybody is happy and reviewing more stuff than what’s on their shelf.  Cool stuff.

Well, i’ve just shared in another sample trade and here’s a preview of what you’re going to see down the pipe for Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society reviews:

Additionally, the society will be meeting next Thursday and we will be doing a vertical tasting of the standard Glenmorangie line.  This is an exciting time for me and I hope that my reviews will be both helpful and entertaining.

As you may know, I am newer to whisky blogging so, if you have any comments, suggestions, etc… on how I can make your reading experience better/more enjoyable, please email me: jewmalt [at] yahoo [dot]com.


Joshua (Yossi)

Lagavulin 12yr Cask Strength – 2009 Edition

Islay region – 57.1%ABV – cask strength – 750ml bottle – $55 | £58 | €68

The first whisky to ever hook me was the Lagavulin 16yr — and I have to say, all of the regulars in The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society adore the Lagavulin 16yr; such a lovely dram. It reminded me of the first time I went camping with my father (25+ years ago, I was 11 or so) we had a warm campfire and were cooking baked beans in a can over it. This was the first night I ever saw the Milky-way without the obstruction of city/town lights – wondrous! We just hung out and watched the fire die to glowing embers & fell asleep.  That’s the feel of the Lagavulin 16 for me.

This 12yr is a little different, not as cozy and a little less natural. This is more like a lazer-light-show version of the Milky-Way, sans Pink Floyd.

Initial whiff Lemon zest, oak, vanilla, and faint smoke. Salty & spicey, singed hair.

On the mouth Bam!!! biting smoke, almost effervescent. A little melon perhaps and the smoke returns, oh, now oaky

Finish Long, peaty, pleasing, seltzer type feel lasts for a while with lingering water doused fire flavor

Here’s where it gets weird – I never do this but, I added a little water because, WTF, right?

BAD IDEA! – Changes are as follows:

Initial whiff spent rubber bands, burning rubber and a little vanilla, mostly the rubber bands

On the mouth — Mouth feel got real oily, but bad oily. Think bad vegetable oil. The flavor is almost like artificial rubber (isn’t rubber artificial? Imagine a fake version of that – odd!)

Finish oiliness stays, so does the rubber but smoke comes to the rescue.

In sumIn the end, after water, I wanted to shave my tongue. Blech!  Without water – fabulous, with water – shaved tongue.