Dalmore 21yo Sherrywood

Highlands region – 43%ABV – $|£|€ – ???

Every now and again I will do sample trades with friends, fellow bloggers, readers of the blog and JSMWS society members.  I may have something they want and vice versa.  Sample trades are a great way to expand your palate and horizons; a way for your to find new whiskies you may love (or hate).

This being said, I recently did a swap with one of the JSMWS members from our west coast contingency.  Marshall, the aforementioned member, and I recently had the following swap:  I offered up some Hanyu 18yo single cask #370 and Signatory 17yo single cask Linkwood (1st fill sherry) for some Dalmore 21yo Sherrywood & a 13yo Bowmore that was matured in a petrus wine cask (then bottled by Bruichladdich which threw me a bit…).

Marshall told me that this particular Dalmore is a desert island dram for him – one of his top three whiskies.  Thems is strong words, my friend… strong words.  I’ve had a few Dalmores, most being very nice, with the 1973 being a goddess of a whisky.  Marshall, let’s see if this is as good a whisky as you pumped it up to be:

On the nose Big mouthwatering nose, chock full of sour oranges, black pepper and extra dark & bitter chocolate.

Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars (a milk chocolatey quality is here in addition to the dark mentioned above).

Candied citrus rind filled fruit cakes.

Increasingly peppery and somewhat way smelling.

A touch smokey after a couple of minutes.

The oak now rears its head (“rears its head…” I like that little phrase.  It’s funny and sounds dirrrrty in a sophomoric way).

Warm, warm oak – toasted oak.

On the mouth A very minty attack.

Caramel covered oranges.

Slightly soapy, oily and chewy all at once.

Pepper bite, orange creamsicles.

Spiced pears.

Mixed berry candies of the hard and powdered variety.

Finish Long, peppery and filled with more mixed berries flavors.

In sum Now THIS is a Dalmore.  After the 1973, this may be the best one I’ve had to date.  Candied and soothing.

This both tastes great and is filling – it’s a heavy whisky but one not to take lightly.

One to celebrate with… that’s if you can find a bottle.

Big thanks goes out to Marshall for the sample swap.  This was some fine whisky indeed!