I am honored…

If you’re not yet familiar with Oliver Klimek’s dramming.com whisky blog/website, you need to change that (and quick)!

His site is more than just his reviews and opinions on whiskies – Oliver also has great articles on general whisky information, how to rate whiskies, whisky philosophy, debunking whisky related myths.  The list can go on — and it does!!

Oli has got a new series of interviews he’s doing on “Whisky People” and I am proud and honored to announce I was his fifth interviewee.

And I’m in good company!

Whisky person #1 is Serge Valentin of Whiskyfun! and Malt Maniacs

Whisky person #2 is Keith Wood of Whisky Emporium

Whisky person #3 is Ralf Mitchell of ralfy.com

Whisky person #4 is Erik Burgess, a prominent member of Glasgow’s Whisky Club

If you care to learn a bit more about me and what goes on in this crazy-ass head of mine, click here (and thanks or reading)!

Oliver, thanks again!!