It’s that time of the month again!! The Whisky Round Table reconvenes!

This time around, the question is posed by the fine chaps at Edinburgh Whisky Blog.  Before I get to their question though, I wanted to let you know that there is a bit of a line up change at the Whisky Round Table.

Some of our valiant knights fell to the sword (in other words, had to drop out for various reasons) and some new knights have been selected to join.

The newly added knights are:

Steffen Bräuner @ Danish Whisky Blog

James Saxon @ Scotch Odyssey Blog

Chris @ Whisky Wall

Marc Pendlebury @ Whisky Brother SA

Welcome Knights!!

And sadly, we say goodbye to Keith from Whisky Emporium, Ruben from & Joel and Neil from  Guys. it’s been great having you as part of the discussions – I hope you’ll chime in from time to time in blog comments…

Without further ado, here is EWB’s question:

In recent years we’ve seen a good few releases of not-quite-whisky-yet or spirit-that-dares-to-command-a-price. Whether kissed by Quercus Robur tannins for 4 months or just plain clearac, do you think this is something new distilleries or ones with severely depleted stocks should be doing?

Here is the link to our answers – enjoy!!