New series – Video tasting with Glenmorangie’s Global Ambassador David Blackmore – Day 1 – Tasting the “Original”

A few months back I got together with Mr. Blackmore (pictured right) to record a video series.  This video series.  Actually, the full story is that he and his wife invited us (“us” being the full Hatton compliment – me, the wife and our two kids) over to their house for some food, drinks and fun times (don’t get dirty now!).

This video tasting series is something I’ve wanted to do with David for some time so, during the visit, while the ladies (both of the short and tall variety) were upstairs, David and I went downstairs into his whisky tasting room and reviewed the Glenmorangie line — or at least a large part of it.

Today is day one of this four day series.  The idea behind it is not just to go over tasting notes on whiskies (been there, done that and others do it much better that I).  Rather, the idea and hope is to give people an idea of what a tasting seminar might be like.  I hope that what you’ll see over the next few days will not only entertain but also educate you.

In hindsight, I think my attire should have been a bit less… dress-down-knock-around but that’ll have to be for the next series.  Anyway, it’s the content regarding the whisky that matters, right?  Right.

Enjoy Day one and come back for days two through four!

Tasting notes on the Glenmorangie Original (as tasted in May of 2010 by six of the local Connecticut JSMWS members – the notes are combined group notes):

The Original – Ten Years – 43% ABV – $29 – $39 | £26 (UK version is bottled at 40% ABV)

On the noseCirtusy, honeyed citrus candies, slight smoke & pineapples, grassy, vanilla bean ice cream.

On the mouth Lemongrass, more honey, a bit thin but has a bit of an attack (“softens a touch with a drop of H2O” — John), pecans & oaky vanilla

Finish – (Here’s where tended to differ)  One of us thought the finish was surprisingly long while another thought it was “shorter than an oompa-loompa churning cream & sugar”  (Ok, I threw that analogy in.  It was better than just saying it was a short finish, right?).  I found the finish to be medium in length, a bit effervescent and with the slightest twinge of smoke (hugely slight!).

You can view days 2, 3 and 4 of this video series, here, here and here (respectively).