Oompa-Loompa-Doopity-Dee, enter this contest and win some whisky!

I don’t normally post PR on the blog (I’m actually planning on saving Sundays for the pieces sent to me as there’s a lot of great releases sent my way) but this one had to go up STAT as it gives you an opportunity to win a shit ton of whisky.

Oompa-Loompa-Doopity-Dee, enter this contest and win some whisky!

Win a Year’s Supply of Whisky from Master of Malt

Master of Malt have launched a Golden Dram Competition in which five lucky winners will receive a year’s supply of whisky from the world’s greatest distilleries.

The competition was launched to celebrate the release of Master of Malt’s dram sets – 24 different tasting sets showcasing the world’s finest spirits. Each set includes five beautifully labelled, wax-dipped samples, specially selected by the Master of Malt tasting team. There is a wide range of sets to choose from including an Old and Rare Whisky Tasting Set, a Regions of Scotland, a Super Peaty Whisky Tasting Set, and many more.

120 Different Whiskies

Golden Drams have been hidden in five lucky tasting sets, and if you find a golden dram before the end of November, you win a free Gold Membership (RRP £499.95) into Master of Malt’s Dram Club. Gold members receive a year’s supply of whisky, with 10 exquisite drams every month! That’s a glass of superb whisky every other day!

Dram Club

Master of Malt’s Dram Club is the ultimate chance to try exceptional whiskies from all over the world. There are three different membership options;

Bronze Dram Club Membership (£84.95) includes;

  • A 5 dram box-set every three months
  • Two Glencairn tasting glasses

Silver Dram Club Membership (£249.95) includes;

  • 5 new whiskies to try every month
  • Two Glencairn tasting glasses

Gold Dram Club Membership (£499.95) includes;

  • 10 new and exciting drams every month (a year’s supply of whisky)
  • Two Glencairn tasting glasses.

You can browse the range of dram sets here http://www.masterofmalt.com/dram-sets/

Or you can read up on membership into Master of Malt’s Dram Club here http://www.masterofmalt.com/dram-club/

For more information on the Golden Dram Competition, visit http://www.masterofmalt.com/golden-dram-competition/

Also, don’t forget, if you do purchase anything from Master of Malt, be sure to enter in the term “JSMWS Sample” in the delivery instructions box – you’ll get a free Master of Malt whisky sample with your order!