Reviewing… whisky nosing glasses?

A short while back, and completely out of nowhere, Villeroy & Boch emailed me asking if I would be interested in reviewing their whisky glasses.  I remembered hearing about their glasses last year (I think) on Mark Gillespe’s WhiskyCast Podcast and was intrigued.

For the most part, I use a standard Glencairn glass or their Copita glass when nosing/reviewing/drinking whisky but am always open to trying new glasses.  So what the hey, I said yes.  I’m happy to review their glasses.  What’s more is the Villeroy & Boch folks agreed to do a giveaway with me (perfect timing for Father’s Day).

Villeroy and Boch Single Malt Nosing Goblet
Villeroy and Boch Lowlands Tumbler

So here’s the deal, check out the two videos below.  The first one is a review of their Single Malt Nosing Goblet.  The second is a review of their Single Grain/Lowlands whisky tumbler.  After you’ve checked them out, you should have some info to go by to decide which set of (2) glasses you might want (should you win).  The Nosing Goblet is to the left, the Tumbler is to the right.

“So, how do I enter to win?”send an email to: and I will choose, at random, one winner out of all the people who enter*.

*the glasses can only be send within the US and Canada

I will announce by Wednesday, June 9th so DO NOT HESITATE! Email today.

To make it even sweeter, I will give out two samples (one for each glass) of whisky.  Something special for that special father out there.  You would just need to let me know if you want Scotch, American, Japanese or Swedish whisky and it’s yours!  Sharing is caring and a good father deserves good whisky.

Note: the glasses will come from Villeroy & Boch, the whisky samples will come from me.

Enjoy the vids. First, the Single Malt Nosing Goblet (man, look at the picture this video start with.  I look like I’m asleep):

Next, the Single Grain/Lowlands Tumbler:

Good luck!!