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Port Charlotte 8yr Single Cask – Bottled by the SMWSA – Cask number 127.1

Islay region – 66.5%ABV – $85 (no longer available – only 231 bottles available)

Years ago, my father (now divorced from my mother) did something crazy.  He gave up his apartment, bought a 25′ foot sail boat, rented a spot at a local marina a lived life on the water.

He cracks me up.  He could live in a pick up truck in a parking lot if he had to/wanted to.  This is a man who lives the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”.  What a man!

Back to the boat and marina:

Growing up, I’d see my dad every weekend.  When he lived on the boat I had the great opportunity to experience the ocean air, the beach and a shit ton of dead horse-show crabs, fish, seaweed, etc….  The sights, the smells, the water, it was a great time and I looked forward to every weekend.

Tasting this whisky brought me back to that time in my life; in his life.  I’ve said it before – one of the most beatiful things about whisky is that it can transport to back in time through smell and taste memory.  A wonderful, wonderful thing.

On the noseI’m instantly transported to a hot summer day at the beach by the docks – salt air fills my nose as does engine exhaust (though mild).

Brine and soot abounds.

Sweet vanilla and even some citronella.

Hints of baby sick.

With water: those baby sick/sour milk notes are much more prominent (almost makes me wish we had a little baby in the house again).

A touch soapy now too.

On the mouthLike squeezing a hot pepper and lighting the oil spray on fire.  In my mouth. Sweet fancy Moshe, this is some hot stuff!

An extra tiny sip before I add water unearths some peat smoke and a sooty exhaust pipe (and a dash of sweet  honey & jam).

With water (bringing it down to about 58%ABV): Oof, that’s better!

Berry jam from the start then some cooked butter.

Creamy vanilla and a soft mouth feel (it was tough to tell the mouth feel before… when my mouth was on fire).

FinishLong finish with an odd mix of briny green olives and honey – two layered flavors.

In sumThis one will put hair on your chest or make your boobies bigger (for the ladies out there).  While I’m not sure either is a good thing, my point is that this is some powerful, powerful stuff.  However, it’s right up my alley.  Even though drinking this reminds me of summer days on the shoreline of Connecticut, it’s thoroughly enjoyable in the wintertime and man, do we have a winter here in CT in 2011!!  The snowiest January on record!!

Rick’s Mystery Dram series – Week 1 of 10 – Sample #1

A couple of weeks ago, Gal Granov of Whisky Israel and I shared in a “Mystery Dram” joint posting.  What is that you may ask?  I sent him an unmarked sample of whisky and he did the same.  The purpose?  To see if we could figure out what in the “H.E. Double Hockey Sticks” we sent to one another.

With the Whisky Israel/Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society swap, the rules for sample type were easy: it had to be Scotch whisky and it had to be a sample that we thought the other person never had.  When trying to decode the “mystery dram”, each of us could use nothing more than our eyes,  nose and tongue – a true blind tasting with NO HINTS.

Here’s how Gal’s tasting went.

Here’ how mine went.

Interestingly enough, right around this time I came in contact with a regular JMSWS blog reader who challenged me in a similar way.  Rick initially responded to a general request I sent out for a sample swap of different version of the Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist.  After sharing in a few emails with Rick I found out that he lives near to where I go on occasion for business purposes.  I suggested we meet for a dram and swap some whisky.  Rick agreed.  What started off as a simple whisk(e)y swap turned into me meeting a very cool guy with a passion for wines, motorcycles, the NASA space program, bourbon and philanthropy.

Before we met, Rick suggested that perhaps his samples could simply be numbered (1 – 11) and I would have to guess what they were.  I could then see if I were able to figure out what it was and then post about it.  I’m always up to a challenge so I, of course, said yes.  What makes this Mystery Dram series different (and this is my assumption here) is that most of Rick’s samples are Bourbons/American whiskey which is newer territory for me.

I suggested to Rick that I taste and review the dram on Mondays, let people chime in via the comments on this blog with what they thought the stuff was and on Friday of that same week, Rick would then comment to let everyone know exactly was the drink was.

Sounds fun right?  I think so.

So, here’s sample number 1 (of 10) – note: sample #6 was the Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist I mentioned above so while you may see bottle numbers going up to 11, only 10 of them are a mystery to me:

I know nothing about this or the other 9 blind samples.  They could be bourbon, rye, scotch, who knows what else.  Rick gave me basically no clues.  The only thing I know is that he is a big bourbon fan so I can only expect that many of these are American whiskey – this is nothing more than an assumption and, you know what you get when you assume…

So, I begin now with what I feel will be a truly fun experience and I want to thank Rick for his loyal readership and for this cool and very fun challenge:

Color Deep mahogany (a color like this I’d usually associate with a bourbon or rye)

On the nose Oh yeah, this is an American whiskey alright! Strong nose, tickling the hairs a bit, woody (again with the pencil shavings I find in American Whiskeys), some blueberry jam and very spicy (some rye influence but this  can’t a full rye whiskey; just part of the mashbill for sure).

A touch if cinnamon, some plastic bags and fresh baked bread (very subtle bread notes) and peanut brittle.

On the mouth Oh man, this is a hot one!  It’s got to be a high ABV/Cask Strength whiskey.  Vanilla pudding, too-hot-blueberry-pie, Sweet-sweet corn and some nice spicy notes.  I feel like a dog that was just given a spoonful of peanut butter (not because of the flavor, but because I can’t stop licking my chops).

Finish Long spicy and full of burn.  The vanilla notes come raging back as does something like a sugar daddy.

In sumThe balance is awesome, well done.  This whiskey demands your attention!  It’s not an easy sippin’ type whiskey.  It’s an “I won my first golf tournament” type bourbon.  Celebrate with this.  For the Scotch devotees out there, you may have a tough time getting past the sweetness (as I’ve heard many Scotchees say).  I too am “getting over” the sweetness but am so happy to be doing so!

OK people.  Can you guess what it is?  My input: It’s a cask strength bourbon with some good rye influence (spice and blueberry notes), corn influence, for sure, and a fair amount of vanilla.  You have until Thursday night (May 27, 2010) to cast your vote.  Heck, if you get enough of these right, there may be a prize in it for you!!