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Nikka Whisky from the Barrel

Japan – 51.4% ABV –  50cl – $40 | £25 | €29

Welcome, my friends, to Desert Island dram-land.

This past Friday I ended the week on with a review on quite possibly one of the worst whiskies I’ve ever had.  I’m not one who normally ends the week on a bad note but hey, whatevs – “I do what I want

I figured, however, that being that I ended on such a negative note last week that I should start off this week with one of the best whiskies out there – especially for the money.

A solid Japanese blended whisky from Nikka that has a permanent spot on my whisky shelf.

Nikka “Whisky from the Barrel”:

On the nose Jolly Rancher grapefruit sweetness, big oak (like a baseball bat being stuck up my nose), turmeric, floral and spiced, old books…

Some slight pipe tobacco (while pipe is burning).

The list is going on and on and on…

Taking a break…

A return to the nose reveals holiday cake (OK, Christmas Cake) and artificial chocolate.

On the mouth Spicy, chewy caramels.

Vanilla, more oak (damp, damp oak).

Last year’s gone-soft Werther’s candies.

Finish A nice length with lasting vanilla and oak spice candles.

In sum At 25gbp for 50cl, this is an insane steal. This is an everyday dram for me.  Cracking, powerful, easy drinking and a well crafted cask strength Japanese blended whisky.

I’m not the only one who has a woody over this one —  you can read Jason of Guid Scotch Drink notes here, Gal of Whisky Israel’s notes here (toward the very bottom of the post) and you can read the notes from Whisky for Everyone here.