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Glengoyne 8yr Single Cask – bottled for the SMWSA – Cask number 123.5

Highland region – 58.5%ABV – Go here to gain access to bottles from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Glengoyne.  Saying the name aloud and the Jew in me can’t help but think “Glengoyim” has a funny ring to it.

I don’t have much more to add today other than that tidbit of sophomoric hilariousness, except, looking at the color of this Glengoyne gives me the same lustful feelings this Yamazaki gave me.  Pure sexy!

On the noseHoisin sauce and Moo-Shu pancakes.

Sweet, spiced with cinnamon and something dusty smelling…

Laminated cardboard and glue.

A slight touch of nail polish and oat bread.

On the mouthJam & toast (raspberry without the tart).

Salt water taffies – think imitation chocolate and pistachio (again, imitation).

A bit of smoke in here (though, being a Glengoyne, I know this can’t be peated in any way – perhaps something from the barrel).

Grape lolly-pops.

FinishOrange zest with maple syrup.  Salted and ¡zingy!  Decent length.

In sumFun.  Not my cup of tea.  Interesting for sure and balanced fairly well but the over-all flavor profile is not up my alley.  Granted, reading back at my notes, it sounds quite nice and some would LOVE it.  I didn’t.

A big thanks to Aron Silverman for the generous sample!