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How the good folks at The Isle of Arran Malt launched their new 14 Year Old Whisky…

How to launch The Arran Malt 14 Years Old (both historically and, in style!):

1. Duty pay a 25 litre cask and remove it from the warehouse of the Isle of Arran Distillery

2. Transport the cask by boat from Lochranza to Glasgow (on rough seas of course!)

3. Transport the cask by horse & cart to several famous Glasgow whisky pubs

4. Open the cask in the Oran Mor Whisky Bar at 6.30pm after being piped round the bar

5. Serve free drams to 200 thirsty fans of The Arran Malt

6. Pick up an empty cask the next morning……late the next morning!

Click here see some great film footage of this historic event.