The Knights of the Whisky Round Table discuss *gasp* high end single malt whisky cocktails – blasphemy of blissful?

Whisky Round Table, meeting number fifteen…

Just over a year ago, Jason Johnstone-Yellin of had a great idea: bring together 12 prominent whisky bloggers and hold a monthly conversation regarding whisky; the ins, the outs… everything and anything whisky-related.

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Here we are at the fifteenth month/fifteenth meeting of the Knights of the Whisky Round Table and we are presented with a question from Peter Lemon of The Casks:

Whisky cocktails…love ‘em or hate ‘em? We’re not talking Jack & Coke, 7&7′s, or Rusty Nails from the rail here, we’re talking top shelf single malts, single barrel bourbons, and craft distillery ryes, shaken or stirred into a classic pre-Prohibition cocktail or a new, creative libation. What do you think, is it an affront to the whisky gods to use the good stuff in a cocktail, an abomination nonpareil? Or is it a terrifically delicious, if not spendy, use of our favorite spirit? Feel free to share your favorites and where you had them as well…or, as it may turn out, your least favorites and where you wasted your hard-earned money…

So, who’s for whisky cocktails and who’s against them.

Click here to find out our very varied answers.

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Lucas & Chris – Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Jason – Guid Scotch Drink
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Peter – The Casks
Joshua (hey, that’s me!)– The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society

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