Today the Whisky Round Table discusses multiple aging locations for whisky. PR stunts or a sound practice?

My guess is that you’re no stranger to the Whisky Round Table by now.  We’re just about to start our 3rd year as a Round Table.

In case you’re not familiar, here’s a quick explanation:

The Whisky Round Table was the brainchild of Jason Johnstone-Yellin (of  His idea was to get a group of 12 of the most active (and hopefully knowledgeable) bloggers from around the world together for a monthly conversation.  One blogger (or, knight/knightess) poses a question to the group and then we all give our answers.  This is done on a monthly basis and the questioner/knight changes every month (as does the topic yet it’s ALWAYS about whisk(e)y).

The question of the month was posed by Gal Granov of Whisky Israel and his questions is:

Multiple aging locations – do they add complexity, and enhance the spirit, or are they only PR stunts?

“Lately we’ve seen a few examples of distilleries aging their whisky in two (or more) locations until full maturation. Amrut has done quite a few of those with their “Herlad” aged on Helgoland (a wee German island) and the “Two continents”. In Israel the IWC has bought a few casks from the Arran distillery and aged them on holy land for periods of 2-3 years in various locations (Tiberias, Jerusalem etc).

What are your views on those methods? Do multiple maturation locations (of the same cask) something that makes whisky better or is it a PR stunt?”

A great question if you ask me!

You can find our answers here – Thanks for the thoughtful question, Gal!