is looking to expand. Can you help a brotha out?


Have you ever shopped at or perhaps you’re part of the FWL community?  If so, then you’d know that Doug Stone’s website/community is a wonderful and thriving place that is about one thing we all know and love: WHISK(E)Y!

Due to the success of the website model, Doug is looking to launch a whole new set of For-Lovers communities and to do so, he needs your help, OUR help.  (Yes, I did the good Jewish boy thing and chipped in.)

Why am I talking about Doug Stone’s website(s) on this blog?  Well, Doug and those on the For-Lovers/contributing editors team (Ian Buxton, Kevin Erskine, Charles MacLean to name a few) do a whole heck of a lot for the world of whisk(e)y.  That and Doug is a friend that I think should be supported.

Here’s a video of Doug explaining the venture:

If you want to learn how you can help, click here.