Gordon & MacPhail’s Connoisseurs Choice gets a make over (and it’s more than just new bottles and packaging)!

If you don’t own a bottle or six from the Connoisseurs Choice range of Independently Bottled whisky then, at the very least, I’m sure you’ve seen them on the whisky shelves.

Rather than me blather on about the good news from Gordon MacPhail, here’s the info I was given:

“The Connoisseurs Choice range was developed in the 1960’s by George Urquhart the second generation of Urquhart’s that have run G&M.  It made a number of distilleries whiskies available as a single malt for the first time ever.  It has become wildly popular and gone through a number of slight enhancements to the label over the years.

This most recent change however also deals with the whisky in the bottle.

Ongoing, all whiskies bottled for the Connoisseurs Choice range will be NON-CHILL FILTERED, NATURAL COLOR & bottled at 46% abv.  

This will ensure the highest quality whisky is made available for future generations. ”

Now THAT’S news!!  Yet another bottler that’s listened to consumer demand for higher ABV, natural color and no chill filtration.

Kudos to G&M for making this strong move!

Here’s a link to the PDF that was sent to me which gives you more details on this gutsy move from Gordon MacPhail