Rick’s Mystery Dram series – Week 5 of 10 – Sample #5

Wow, I can’t believe that this series is half way over!  The journey has be great so far.  Rick, thank you.

As I mentioned in the 3rd post for this “Rick’s Mystery Dram” Series, I’ve decided to make this a wee bit more interesting by sending out a mystery dram to the correct guesser of the week’s mystery dram or, if there has been no correct guess, the sample goes to a commenter (randomly chosen).  Last week, Matt L of Houston TX won the mystery dram – and he has requested a Scotch whisky sample.  Matt, it’s on its way to you, thanks for posting your guess!  I hope you keep coming back.

Details on how to win a mystery dram sample (which will be Scotch or American whisk(e)y, your choice) are listed below, after the review.

For previous “Rick’s Mystery Dram” entries :

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Review time!  And, by the way, this is an American whiskey again.

On the nose A big spicy nose filled with chewy nougats and nuts (the roasted kind you get at a state fair; for my US readers).

Woody spice, orange marmalade…  That chewy nougatty goodness keeps me coming back.

There’s rye in here for sure but it seems as if it’s not a youthful rye, the spice is big but round.

On the mouth The entry is thinner than water and much spicier than the nose had suggested.  Say huh!?  Not what I was expecting with that lush nougat  and marmalade I got on the nose…

This is an easy drinker but, similar to mystery dram # 2, I found that the drop off from the nose to the palate a bit off-putting.  Spiced oak starts to arrive…

Finish Wait a sec, the finish is ramping up here. Oh, this is making it worth it.  That woodiness comes back with a vengeance.  It’s getting big here in a real toasted oak sort of way.

In sumStrange.  If I were to just nose this I would have told you that this is most likely around the 50% ABV range.  Tasting it was another thing completely; I would have said 43-46% (with some sort of a wheat element to smooth out the tasting experience.  After the swallow, however, (and in fact, just prior to it), the spice began to build up and burn so now I’m back to a higher ABV – perhaps in the 50% range.  I liked this bourbon.  The palate left me wanting (a bit) but that nose was great!  A dram of this would be a nice way to unwind and end the day.


  • I’m guessing a clear rye influence – perhaps a rye whiskey (or a heavily toasted barrel to add flavor)
  • Thin mouth feel, smooth (perhaps some from the addition of wheat into the mash bill)
  • Powerful finish with a good amount of woodiness

JMSWS antes up!

For those who attempt to guess – each week I will be sending out one mystery dram (a small 5cl bottle) and the first person guesses correctly wins the dram.  Actually, if there are no correct guesses for the week then a winner will be chosen at random.  You win whether your right or not (like a weatherperson – right or not, s/he still has a job)!

So again, I will be awarding a free whisk(e)y sample every week to one lucky winner (whether you guess correctly or not).

How do I enter to win you ask?

Easy, comment on this post with what you think the mystery dram of the week may be.  It’s that simple.

I will let you choose the type of mystery dram — Scotch or American Whiskey (though that’s all you’ll know about it).  And if you’d like, you can send me your tasting notes and I’ll post them for my readers to guess at.  If you’d prefer the blind tasting to be between just you and me… that’s cool too.