Want to taste and know more about moonshine?

A bit last minute but if you feel like making the trek to Julio’s Liquors in Westboro, MA, there are two great masterclasses going on tomorrow — Saturday, June 23rd, 2012.

If you sign up for the classes you are entered into a drawing to win a bottle of Ardbeg’s new “Ardbeg Day” bottling.

Not bad if you ask me!

First up, from 2pm – 3pm is Curtis McMillan of McMillan Distillery.  Theme of this class is:

Understanding taxed moonshine
What is the difference between taxed and non taxed shine, and how it should be used? This class will go over how to use taxed shine in mixed drinks, and why shine is leaps and bounds ahead of vodka. Click Here to Sign-Up for Class #1

Up next is Gable Erenzo of Tuthilltown (Hudson “Real American” Whiskey).  Theme of his class is:

A Brief History of NY Shine As Distiller and Brand
Click Here to Sign-Up for Class #2

Then, from 7-9 there is a free whiskey expo where you’ll have a chance to taste moonshine from:

(Sampling Raw and Mixed) Tuthilltown, Knockeen Hills, TryBox, Georgia Moon, Prichards, Deaths Door, Midnight Moon, Catdaddy, Dark Corner, Bully Boy, House Spirits, Ole Smokey, XXX Shine, Georiga Still, Kymar Farm, Outlaw Moonshine, Dutch, High West, Buffalo Trace